Social Media


Jonas Barnes

Social Media

Everybody loves social media, right? Social media is used all over the world, in other countries Social media has different pros and cons.

Social media has a lot of good purposes: contacting one another, posting information, sharing pictures, etc. Business teacher Ms. Bristol said of social media, “Social media is all about connecting. Connecting to your friends, acquaintances, peers, businesses, regardless of the distance from each other.” A student from the high school, Aaliyah Sims, she said “there is no positive way. Maybe connecting with old middle school friends or long distant relatives, other than that, anything “positive”, the people on social media make it negative.” – Aaliyah Sims

But not everyone uses social media properly, The negative effects it has on society are cyber-bullying, addictive behaviors, depression, and dangers online.

Where knows the dangers of cyber-bullying, many people don’t know the other dangers of leaving your information on sites. Mrs. Bristol then went on to say, “I use social media but I don’t let social media use me. I don’t over-post, over share, and don’t let it come between me and my relationships.” Aaliyah Sims also added, “people always read it how they want to read it. Like, they take it the wrong way and misunderstand it.”

As most people find social media to be there outlet, it can damage more things than anyone would think. Oversharing isn’t the only damage it can have. It hurts your eyes, your back, and much more. Most importantly it can hurt your education. Many students will admit to using social media during school. Students just get side tracked during school hours.  They get on their phones to see what’s going on, instead of paying attention to what’s happening in the classroom.

Mrs. Bristol has a very good point on what should be done in the high school. “Don’t succumb to the immediate gratification of checking every message, text, snap, tweet you get. MAKE them WAIT.”