C.E.O Program


Lonnie Roberson, Staff Writer

C.E.O is a program designed to help students achieve their goals on creating a business while at the same time they are fulfilling their high school diploma. It teaches students critical tactics that are needed to have a successful business in life. They learn how to make profit, break even, speak in front of many people, and more. Going through a process like this can make young adults a big name in the business industry.

The sponsor Ms.Greenwald of Granite City High School says “There are a variety of businesses that have been created by my students and some of which have been successful such as power washing, lotion bars, tech help and requests, lawn services and more”. One of her most successful students created a branding business called “K and E” which helps with party decor, graphic designs and, t-shirt designs.

The C.E.O Program also makes profit from selling lanyards for $2 a piece which supports them when they need money to travel to over 40 different successful businesses.

While traveling, students learn different skills and tips that help their businesses become more successful and more efficient. A major perk on being in this program is that the students have business mentors. These mentors show the students how to persuade and intervene with people on a personal level making their skill 10x more effective.

Most students really enjoy the opportunities that the program brings them. C.E.O student Toni Rush says, “The program really teaches us students very important things that will help us grow as a business owner and it is very fun and helpful to attain deeper knowledge in the business industries”.

Other students feel that it teaches them life lessons on how to make a name for yourself in a successful way. Teens who take this class are now able to become more effective speakers, which gives them the upper hand in college after they graduate high school.  They also feel like the program teaches them how to be professional, which is a necessity in the business world.

C.E.O is a life changing program that gives teenages a shot a making it big in the world.