Juniors and Seniors Fight for Victory


Brooke Batson

Juniors and seniors prepare to battle against each other to win the annual Powderpuff game.

On Oct. 4, 2018, the ladies will fight for the victory while the boys cheer them on. The stands will be filled with pink for juniors and black for seniors.

The students have put in a lot of time and work to make this night entertaining.

Jake Klee, a senior at Granite City High School, said, “I am excited because Powderpuff night has always been something I have looked forward to during Homecoming week. Cheering and making everyone laugh is definitely a highlight.”

The students will also organize a float to feature in the Homecoming parade that takes place right before the Powderpuff game.

Besides the girls’ football, the boys will be participating in the Hot Legs Contest.

In past years, each boy in Powderpuff was allowed the opportunity to compete in the contest. This year, the rules have been changed. There will be one representative selected per junior and senior class.

In the students’ lunch hours, a bucket for the senior and the junior class will be passed around for donations from the students. The class that collects the most money will be the winner of this years Hot Leg Contest.

Tyler McCauley believes, “The senior class will win. Andrew O’Keefe is our representative. He practically runs for a living which makes his legs muscular and hot.”

The Hot Legs Contest is just one part of the boys’  involvement. As those who have previously been to Powderpuff know the half time dance performance is one of the most entertaining events of the night.

The boys could not do it without their dance and cheerleading coaches. The coaches work hard creating the dance and even harder teaching them the routine.

“It is a mixture of different styles of dance. Some may consider it pom style since they have poms in their hands throughout the dance, but there is some ballet and jazz included in the routine as well. The boys have picked it up pretty well, but they still have some hard work to do,” junior dance coach Avarey Cope stated.

The boys also dress the part for their performance, with many planning on outrageous outfit choices. McCauley said he is planning to dress in a tutu and pink tights. He also might be wearing a bow in his hair.

While the boys dress up in their cheering outfits, the girls will be hustling through the field in their football uniforms, trying to win all the points they can.

Junior player Grace Catanzaro said, “I think Powderpuff will be a good competition. Both teams have been working very hard. I feel the junior team is prepared and will put up a tough fight.”

Who will be victorious? Find out on Oct. 4 at 7 P.M. Tickets are available in the school cafeteria and at the door.