New and Improved: GCHS Dance Team


The GCHS Dance Team is back and better than ever.

The dance team is a team full of people who have a shared interest: to perform for the school and be involved. With lots of pride for GCHS, the dance team shows school spirit at every gam they attend.

Everytime they perform on the field, they feel a sense of accomplishment.

Countless hours are spent preparing for each event and routine. The end goal is to be crisp, clean, and polished.

After Melissa Kimble and Vanessa Minemann stepped up to the plate as coach, the team is just that. The team of 12 has never looked better.

When trying out, many people were worried because they were not properly trained. Prior training is not a requirement, several team members had no prior training. You never know what you might accomplish if you put your mind to it.

To be a part of the team, you have to be willing to be patient, cooperative, and hard-working.

One thing to put into consideration when thinking about trying out is whether you are willing to be 100% dedicated or not. Being a part of the Dance Team requires a lot of dedication.

Captain Avarey Cope said, “Being on the team has honestly made me more of an outgoing person and has pretty much squashed any fear of public speaking that I had in 8th grade.”

After all their hard work, they do have fun at games and fundraisers. You can find the team with the student section, or find them at Relleke’s Farm hosting fundraising activities.

The Dance Team does a lot for the community as well. For example, they have volunteered for the 2018 “Pawty in the Park” with the Humane Society.

Many people come to watch the team perform at football halftime, and it is amazing to watch their hard work pay off.

You can see the team at many events, including soccer, basketball, and football games. They also can be found in local parades and holding car wash fundraisers in the summer.

The GCHS Dance Team always has open arms for anyone who wants to tryout.  Stay posted for future tryout dates for the team.