What Does Student Council Really Do?


Student Council is an integral part of the school community, but some people may not understand all that Student Council does.

The Student Council at Granite City High School (Stu-Co), led by teacher Linda Ames,  organizes many events. Without the organization, it would be extremely difficult to have school dances, festivities, and many other activities that students enjoy.

Homecoming is one of the council’s biggest priorities.

The students plan the main theme for the week, and choose the dress up days for Spirit Week. Members believe that dress up days are an opportunity for the whole student body to come up with creative ideas and to participate in showing off their school spirit.  A member from Stu-Co also designs the Homecoming shirt that many students wear on Spirit Day.

Prior to the Homecoming dance, the club decorates the school. The members draw and color the ground with chalk, and they also hang up huge posters that they painted just weeks before.

On top of everything else, the club decorates a Homecoming float that gets featured in the homecoming parade, and students then throw candy out to all who attend.

The past three years, the club has put together a “mid-year” dance.

In 2016 and 2017, the dance went by the name of “Snow Glow.” In 2018, they changed it to be a “Sadie Hawkins” dance. Student Council is unsure about the theme for the 2019 dance, but they are confident it will be memorable.

Many students appreciate having an additional dance during the school year, as it breaks up the monotony of the spring semester.

Stu-Co is also responsible for  the final dance of the year: PROM! This tends to be everyone’s favorite dance.

The senior members of Student Council organize the prom. They choose the theme and stay after school hours for the ticket sales.

Although the club loves having fun getting the dances ready, they also love community service.

During Thanksgiving and Christmas, Stu-Co collects money from the student body and staff. They then use the money to buy food to fill baskets with. Finally, they deliver the baskets.

Caroline Biewald, a Junior class representative , said, “Delivering baskets is more than a fun time. The joy you see on the people’s faces is unexplainable. It shows what we are doing is truly making this world a better place.”

Student Council raised $10,478.58 last year in the Christmas basket donations. This allowed Granite City families to have a Christmas they never thought was possible.

In addition to the dances and community service, Stu-Co does a lot to engage students in the school’s sporting events.

A lot of people love high school sports. The club has the duty of creating dress up themes for the games. Some of the themes that they usually have are black-out, white-out, Hawaiian, and neon.

This gets out to the students by the help of The Tribe, Stu-Co’s account on Twitter. This page does not just leak themes for the game, but also posts about what’s going on around the school as well.

Student Council does many good deeds, for not just our school but our community as well.

Without the help of the members and their sponsor, it would be much harder to pull off as many activities and events that the school has.