A Scary Good Time

Brianna Snead, Writer

A big and scary jet black place, where you can barely see where you are going. The feeling of fear running down your spine and there’s so much going on around you,that you do not know how to react, or when to react. Zombies and monsters reaching for you, making you scream at the top of your lungs. 


But, didn’t you just pay for this to happen to you? Going to a haunted house around this time of the year is very popular. Seeing people dressed up in scary costumes and creepy decorations on people’s homes brings out the whole Halloween feeling. Most people enjoy going to haunted houses because they like to be scared.  


“The feeling of a haunted house, makes you feel like you’re in a scary movie,” said Dietra Terrell, a junior from GCHS. “Its like you know when you’re about to get scared but then you don’t.”


There are a lot of haunted houses around but, since The Cutting Room is right here in Granite City, many people had heard or has been to our local haunted house. “In the Cutting Room, everything seems so real!” says Madisen Basarich,a junior at GCHS. “The staff is really great at what they do.”


 Being able to scare people and seeing their face once you’ve scared them, is another feeling. “If I ever worked at a haunted house, I would want to be someone who is having surgery done,” said Dietra.  “So then people would think that I am asleep until, I wake up and scare them!”


 If you’re looking for a bigger place to go, you should visit The Lemp Brewery Haunted House, The Fright Fest and The Darkness.  The Lemp Brewery is open until November 3rd; Fright Fest at Six Flaggs is open this weekend and next; and The Darkness is open Thursdays through Sundays through November 2.  Get out there and be scared.