“In the Cutting Room, People are dying to become a star.” 

“In the Cutting Room, People are dying to become a star.” 

Ian Wonders, Editor

In 2011, a haunted house known as “The Cutting Room” made its debut in Granite City. Terrorizing locals, The Cutting Room brought several horror movie icons to life. Norman Bates and many others roamed the halls of this building. Unfortunately, due to the building no longer being available, The Cutting Room closed its doors in 2014.


Five years later, like all good horror films, The Cutting Room has been rebooted. The Cutting Room is now “back with a vengeance.” Ms. Brenda Whitaker said, “while trying to think of a way to raise money to support the arts, friends of mine mentioned the Cutting room, and asked if I thought we could recreate it in an empty space near The Boardgamery downtown.”


Whitaker owns many businesses and non-for-profit organizations in Granite City. This includes a theatre called Alfresco Art Center, which The Cutting Room is raising money to help support.


The story of The Cutting room is quite a fun one. Whitaker said, “the story of the haunted house is based on a variety of scary movies.  The name comes from a term in the movie industry the cutting room.” This is the part where the film is edited and many scenes are removed. “ The backstory to our haunted house is: A motion picture director descended into madness while working in the horror film industry.   His work often ended up on the cutting room floor so he set out for revenge by recreating scenes from the movies and killing those who crossed him becoming  part of the scene. Some even answered a casting call not knowing that this could be their final performance.

The Cutting Room will be open Saturday night. It is located on Niedringhaus Ave. next to Novel Idea’s Boardgamery. “Come and have a great time,” Whitaker says.