The GCMW Introduces “Time Waits For No Man”


Nick Branding as the Outlaw

Triskaya Augustin and Lauryn Fenoglio

This year’s Granite City Marching Warriors’ show is called, “Time Waits For No Man.” Their show entices a Wild Wild West theme with the ever so classic bad guy, good guy, and damsel in distress trope. Some students argue that this show has the potential to be one of the best shows performed by the Marching Warriors alongside former shows like, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Somewhere Over’ 

TWNFM’s theme takes place on a movie set and our bad guy (Nicholas Branding), good guy (Isaiah Tebbe), and damsel ( Ingrid Galeana) are all portrayed as actors and actresses. Some students say it’s an interesting concept, and to others, it is a hit or miss. Audience members will either absolutely love this show because it’s like nothing they’ve seen before, or they could strongly dislike it because of the very same reason.

In this show we explore the themes of time and the wild wild west on a Hollywood movie set, that have to be executed perfectly or else the show will cease to make sense. Our Marching Warriors are working hard to execute this show with excellence to uphold the GCMW’s reputation of striving for greatness. 

This year they are competing against a multitude of other prestigious bands. Multiple grand champion awards and trophies overflow the shelves that reside in the Granite City Marching Warriors’ band room. Will this year’s show add on to the collection of gold? Will the Marching Warriors uphold their tradition of greatness?  


Check out the trailer to this year’s Marching Warrior “movie” on their very own Facebook at GCHS Marching Warriors!