Hobby Club


Priscilla Warren, Staff Writer

Do you have an interest in Anime, manga, board games, or anything else geeky? If so, there is a place for you at GCHS: Hobby Club. This club was first started years ago by Mr. Hutchings and was recently taken over by Mr. McCausland. Originally, the main idea of Hobby Club was supposed to be more like a comic book club. When COVID happened, the club was done online and had to be slightly changed from what it was during the regular school year. The club started doing things like online games, watching movies, etc.

Now that we are back at school, the plan is to do different things every two weeks so everyone is able to find something they are interested in. Mr. McCausland, club sponsor, said that he loved everything that Hobby Club is about. The biggest issue for him is that it grows so much! So many people want to be there, and it is obvious that Mr. McCausland is passionate about the club being successful and creating a welcoming environment for students.