GCHS Royalty


Lauryn Fenoglio, Staff Writer

On the night of October 11, 2022, large hoop dresses and sharp suits lined the stage of the Performing Arts Center at GCHS. The students nominated by their senior classmates were there for one goal, to win homecoming king or queen. The candidates for queen were as followed: Aleah Crenshaw, Carissa Lawson, Gwyn Hale, Ingrid Galeana, Gretchen Kujawa, Peyton Hatfield, Kaley Byars, Triskaya Augustin, Mara Withers, Kaydee Dugan, and Kim’mara Williams. For homecoming king, candidates included: Maddox Kennedy, Angel Calixto, Alex Krull, Jayden Lovett, Kyle Hillier, Maurice Dotson, Alex Weaver, Brady Smallie, Manuel Segovia, Chris Taylor, and Dominic Mayhall. 


After much anticipation, the ballot was in. The new GCHS royalty were officially announced, Triskaya Augustin and Brady Smallie! Queen Triskaya Augustin shared her gratitude by sharing that she couldn’t be more grateful for the student body at Granite City High School for blessing her with such an incredible feeling. “I have no one else to thank, but the students here at GCHS. I truly mean it when I say thank you for blessing me with the honor that is being your homecoming queen! I’m grateful that I was chosen among many other beautiful and well deserving candidates. Not only is this something I’ll never forget, but it’s something I will always cherish as well. Being announced on court was already such an ecstatic feeling, but to be announced as queen in front of so many of my loved ones and my closest friends is something that I will just never be able to describe with the effort of words. Thank you GCHS!” – Sky Augustin.


The king, Brady Smallie, expressed his excitement by saying, “I was very excited to hear my name called, it’s a huge honor for my classmates to vote me as king out of the entire school. I am very blessed to have made so many friends along the way. I did really want to win and I knew I was in the running, but I didn’t know I was going to win it for certain. I think everyone in that position wanted their name to be announced as king, and I’m grateful it was mine” 


From the coronations, to the parade, the football game, and homecoming, the king and queen enjoyed their time representing the student body of GCHS. They are more than thankful to be blessed with such an experience and a core memory for their senior year. They will make one more regal appearance to crown the 2023 May Court king and queen, but for now they bid thee farewell.