Why does Pride Club Exist?


Kylie Pearman, Staff Writer

“Why does ‘Pride Club’ even exist?” muttered a woman at the Homecoming Parade on Wednesday. When I heard that, I couldn’t help but wonder: why does Pride Club exist? Some people believe there’s no point to the Pride Club–some even think it’s detrimental to the students. Many, of course, have no problem–many support the idea of a club meant to make kids feel a sense of belonging and pride in their identity. By the smiles and cheers and joyful waves at the parade, I can say with certainty that there are those who definitely understand or are trying to understand. One mother with her children even shouted a loud chant of “Pride Club! Pride Club! Pride Club!

I was incredibly excited about the reception we received. I still am! In this age of acceptance and understanding, it’s amazing to see that a relatively small town in the Midwest can be primarily supportive toward a club for the LGBTQ+ community. However, there was the odd look, the turned shoulder–there were parents and grandparents who very clearly disapproved, and a couple kids who thought the Pride Club was something to laugh at. 

As a senior at this high school, I’ve witnessed, seen, and heard my fair share of negativity towards the LGBTQ+ community. But with the creation of the Pride Club, I know there are better times ahead for LGBTQ+ youth. Skyler, an 11th grader here at GCHS and a member of Pride Club, says, “I have been having amazing experiences throughout the entire two years Pride Club’s been alive… I also made a lot of friends.” Dell, another member of the Pride Club, mentions a passive aggressive comment made toward them as they were selling chocolate to raise funds for the club. “If you have something to say like that, just keep it to yourself,” she remarks. Despite this occurrence, she still holds the Pride Club in high esteem: “It’s such a great club for people to spend time in and to hang out with their friends that are also part of the community. This club is very accepting… It’s a perfect place.”

Pride Club’s primary goal is to allow students a space to feel a sense of belonging, something they might struggle to find within the halls and classes of this school. Pride Club creates that space and provides it to anyone who would like to be a part of it. It exists, simply, because LGBTQ+ kids exist, regardless of people’s refusal to believe that fact. Kids deserve to know they have a place where no one will judge them or deny the validity of their identities. So, Pride Club will remain a haven for those who need it, and the world will continue to move toward that within-reach future where acceptance is as common as breathing. Move with it–move with us!