Netflix Perfection: A Review of Arcane


Kylie Pearman, Staff Writer

Netflix has a wide variety of things to watch. Action, horror, reality, comedy–there are thousands of thousands of choices you could make. However, it’s hard to sort through the mess to find something really worth watching. So, let me tell you about the absolute best show I’ve ever watched–and if you have a Netflix subscription, you can watch it, too.

On November 6, 2021, Netflix released an animated series titled Arcane, set in Riot Games popular fictional universe, League of Legends. The show (which has since won three Emmys) was created for the purpose of providing backstory for some fan-favorite LoL characters, but the audience has far surpassed strictly fans of the game: for example, I have never played League of Legends a day in my life, and yet the show was riveting, emotional, and enrapturing. After the first episode, I was absolutely hooked.

The show is centered around sisters Vi and Jinx, who lost their parents in a fight between two opposing cities, Zaun and Piltover. The show delves into their childhood after the war–but also their adulthood after circumstances occur that change the trajectory of their lives. The show also has major subplots, like a magical revolution happening in the richer city, Piltover; rising tensions between Zaun and Piltover; and overall, a lot of political intrigue. However, what I really love about it are the relationships–specifically, the imperfect and damaged bond between Vi and Jinx. The emotion between the two sisters feels so raw and real–and as someone who has two sisters, it really strikes a chord in me. And of course, the show doesn’t leave out the romantic angst that always manages to make a show so wonderful if done right–and Arcane certainly does it right. They do it perfectly. The show has received reviews that could only be described as love letters–and all because Riot Games created a canon relationship between two LoL “champions”, Vi and Caitlyn, a fan-favorite “ship” that has affectionately been called “CaitVi” years before Arcane ever began production.

Arcane also has an incredible production team. The animation is rich and smooth and so detailed; the voice actors are amazing at delivering their lines in a way that makes the viewers feel their emotions; the plot and world-building are the most intricate I’ve ever seen in an animated show; and the characters are anything but flat–they’re nuanced and flawed and messed up. They’re real. Along with that, I could never forget the astounding and stunning soundtrack and musical composition of the whole series! To this day, it remains the best music I’ve ever heard in a show.

Thankfully, Netflix renewed Arcane for a second season, so you can watch without the fear of cancellation. There are nine episodes in total, and they might seem long, but they move fast–by the end, you’ll wish they were longer! It leaves the viewer wanting more. It’s hard to stop watching once you start.

Overall, Netflix has a great selection. However, I firmly believe that Arcane is one of the best pieces of media they’ve ever produced. I highly recommend checking it out!