Show Me STL


Madison Tanksley, Staff Writer

If you are visiting St.Louis whether as a tourist here for the weekend or even live there. Here are some things to do in the STL area. First the famous City Museum! It’s a widely known museum/climbing and outdoor park. They have old planes that are in the sky you can climb up to and sit in. The large building has 10 stories and also has a 10 story slide. Cave like tunnels and random sculpture. This place is wonderful for running around in.

The St. Louis wheel is a ferris wheel with closed carriages and don’t worry they are heated and have AC for the cold and hot days in Missouri. The ferris wheel is also lit up with bright colored lights. The view is amazing from the carriages. The wheel is 200 ft tall and it’s also 15$ a ticket for adults and 10$ for children.


Lastly we have the arch of course. If you come to St. Louis you need to come to the arch.The Gateway Arch is 630 feet high and has elevators inside so you can get a view from the very top! The Arch is 59 years old but don’t let that scare you. This monument is very well built and can withstand harsh weather and storms. To ride to the top of the arch it is 19$ (16 and up). The Arch has a beautiful view of the city especially at night and I would recommend it to anyone that is visiting St. Louis.