Equal Rights For Everyone

Imagine this: you wake up early for school just like any other day. When you get there, your friends start to act weird, your teachers look at you funny, and you just feel out of place. Later on, you get called to the principal’s office and they tell you you’re no longer welcome at school because of a crime your mom committed ten years ago. Would that be fair? Absolutely not, you should not be punished for your parent’s actions. This is why children of illegal immigrants are entitled to a public education here in the United States. They aren’t to blame for their parents’ actions.

The children of illegal immigrants should be educated instead of punished. Wouldn’t it be better for society to have an educated population? They’re already here, so why not make the best of it? We should properly educate these children and give them the chance to succeed since organizations such as gangs will be happy to pick up anyone we let slip through the cracks. “Their parents broke the law” some people will say, but there are parents who commit crimes far worse and it isn’t questioned whether their kids have the right to a public education.

“Their parents don’t pay taxes” is another argument because schools are paid for, in large part, by local property taxes. If they live within the city lines for that school, there is a contribution being put forth. If they get the education they need, we will have a brighter future in the sense that crime rates won’t be so high. The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that 26.4 percent of inmates in federal prisons are non-U.S. citizens. Teaching them young can reduce that number. America is known as ‘The Land Of Opportunity’, and that shouldn’t be proven wrong by not having the chance to get a proper education.

The parents of illegal immigrants brought them to the United States in hopes of giving them a better life. Giving them a right to attend school is essential to make that happen.

“As a parent, it doesn’t matter if you don’t make it, as long as your children do,” says Aaron Ortiz, who holds the hand of his six year old daughter Rachel as he walks her to school everyday.

The children have no control over where their parents enroll them. We can either give them the proper education they deserve so they can play a successful role in today’s society, or we can turn our backs on them and let them live in fear of being caught in a crime they didn’t directly commit. These people have just as much right to the American dream as anyone of us, and it is socially correct to give them a chance to succeed just like any other person here in America.