Life After High School

November 4, 2015

Senior year is often an extremely busy time, but it’s important to stay on track with the college admissions process. We are now only six months away from graduation and just over a month away for December graduates. Some seniors have everything they’re going to do after they graduate on May 27 planned out on a piece of paper, while others don’t have the slightest clue.

I plan on going to McKendree University to pursue a career in elementary education.”

— Allisan Whitt

The following Granite City High School seniors find themselves in different stages in the college process:

Allisan Whitt has it all figured out, “I plan on going to McKendree University to pursue a career in elementary education.”

Clayton Jakul is a member of the CEO Program, which has led him to want to become an entrepreneur, “I want to go to SIUE to major in business marketing. I would like to eventually find a job working for a large business or try to work for myself.”

Students wanting to play a sport collegiately have it a little more difficult. They have to find a school they love that also has a coach they love. Shelby Winn, a soccer player at GCHS is “…planning on studying Psychology. I will definitely be playing college soccer—right now, I am stuck between Culver-Stockton College and McKendree University. I have visited both schools and have been applying for every scholarship I can.”

Haley Jones is an early graduate—she is graduating in just over a month. Some December graduates choose to take a semester off and start college with the rest of their peers; however, Haley is “…planning to start dental school as soon as I graduate in December so I’m a semester ahead.”

Many students are planning on joining the military to serve our country after graduation. Granite High World staff writer Nick Porch is already an airborne infantryman in the Army and will be leaving for basic training on January 6th. Alexis Reese has similar aspirations. She said, “I want to join the Army to be an interpreter and translator. The Army will give me a lot of different opportunities like traveling while working and that has been a life-long dream of mine.”

Seniors face a number of options once they complete their high school education. Going to a trade school, community college, or a four-year university are a few traditional routes most graduates choose to take, however, some would rather enter the workforce right away or take a gap year before they head back to school. A lot of graduating seniors, both male and female, also plan on joining the military.

Graduation is quickly approaching and seniors should begin making final decisions about where they are going to spend their futures.  Never forget that your counselor is always there to help you with anything you need regarding the admissions process. Make sure to stay updated on deadlines for applications and scholarships.


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