Two More Young Lives Lost

Austin Padgett and Jeinner Velasquez, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 14th two students from Granite City were involved in a fatal car accident. The two, Marcus Gordon and Kyrus Sykes, both were 16 years old. They attended school at Coordinated Youth.

It shocked the whole family because it happened so fast.”

— Samantha Henderson

They were driving a stolen van from Fairview Heights. No one is exactly sure why Kyrus was in Fairview Heights, but we do know that he was the one that stole the van. Shortly after stealing the van, Kyrus went to pick up Marcus while he was walking home from school and gave him a ride.

“Marcus didn’t know the van was stolen or he wouldn’t have gotten into the van,” said Marcus’s cousin, Samantha Henderson.

After Kyrus picked up Marcus, he began taking him home. On the way to Marcus’s house, Kyrus was driving recklessly, running stop signs and speeding when a police officer finally noticed them. The officer attempted to pull over the van, but Kyrus sped up. During the chase, the van reached speeds of 100 mph. The van proceeded to cross into the left lane heading south on Illinois 203 hitting a pickup truck head on.

Kryus suffered from chest trauma and Marcus suffered from head, abdomen, and chest trauma. Both died minutes later.

The night of the wreck, Samantha found out about Marcus’s death when she learned that his family was asked to ID his body. “It shocked the whole family because it happened so fast.” One mistake caused Marcus to lose his life and his family to suffer the pain of his death.

Marcus was known for having a temper. “Marcus had a temper and got into trouble for it, but he never did anything against the law,” said Ben Moore, a close friend of Marcus’s.

It’s a tragedy that both of these students had to die so young. Granite City has suffered so many losses of young lives this year. As a community we have to stay strong and lift each other up. Every life is precious, no matter the circumstances of the death.