Diet of Death

Louren McIntosh, Staff Writer

We all dream of having that perfectly toned out, muscular body shape, but how far are you willing to go to make that dream come true?

I felt very miserable and frail”

— Meredith Hattam

Many of you have heard of the fascinating Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The show takes place every year. Beautiful girls dressed in flamboyant costumes, parading around stage with toned thighs, perfect makeup, and a head of teased hair. Many of us notice the outfits, their hair, or even the shoes. Others notice their size. Many wonder how these Victoria’s Secret models keep their figure so slim.

The size of these models have been discussed by people all over the world. People have strong opinions on their size. Some say that they are beautiful, others say that they are sickly and disgusting. Many people are very outraged that the Victoria’s Secret fashion show would showcase such behavior as models starving themselves.

The fashion show is allowing the unrealistic image of perfect women to air on national TV. The show aired on CBS during primetime viewing hours. The show degrades women and makes them feel as if they are not only imperfect, but it makes them lose self-respect.

A lot of these Victoria’s Secret models have spoken out on what it takes to keep their slim body.

Meredith Hattam was put on an 800 calorie a day diet with 2 hours of exercise a day by her modeling agency. “I felt very miserable and frail,” said the model. But her agents were very pleased with her new look. Even though Meredith felt terrible, she continued to lose weight because of how badly she wanted to make it in the modeling world. She soon realized it was not worth it.

Some models may go on a liquid-only diet, as Adriana Lima, Victoria’s secret model, did in 2012. Some may go on a no bread or liquid diet. Some may even go to great lengths such as a “starvation diet”.

In 2009, Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Bisutti was told that she looked like a “fat cow” while only weighing 115 pounds. After that comment she ate only pineapples and watermelon, drank a lot of water and exercised for over 12 hours a week. Eating so little and working out so much can be harmful to any human.

This unhealthy perception of women should not be allowed in the modeling industry. Women starving themselves just to walk down a runway is not acceptable. America has set an unrealistic standard for women everywhere. Women of all sizes are beautiful. The day that we stop fantasizing over being something that we are not and realize that we are all perfectly imperfect will be the day we finally succeed.