The Best of Granite City: Part 2


Darin Kukarola, Staff Writer

Success? Absolutely. The CEO “Best of Granite City” was an amazing night. The bonding between business and community was outstanding. It was such a fantastic idea to have this event and a huge thank you to CEO for hosting it. I had the honor of speaking with some of the main contributors to the CEO class such as Nicol Financial who let CEO host class on sight to witness what a true business does during the day. I also spoke with Gail Mueller who works at Nicol Financial and she only had wonderful things to say about our CEO seniors.

It will change your life!”

— Dale Hamil

“This class will change the students outlook on how a business works and give them opportunities they would have never thought possible.” Gail also added, if a student is interested in starting a future business, this class can change the student’s world and open their eyes to the real world.

During the night, many local businesses, big and small, showed the community what they really do. It was eye-opening for some to finally be able to grasp some of the tasks these businesses do. It makes you wonder why you may have not heard of them before. Mr. Dale Hamil, the president of Illinois Electric, had some wonderful things to say about our CEO students. The students now have a leg up on how a business runs, and how America needs small businesses to continue to run smoothly. “For any student questioning if they should join CEO, I have one thing to say to them—it will change your life.”

The event was catered by several local restaurants such as Gerber foods, Kool Beanz, and Ravanelli’s. Handing out samples of food to guests and speaking on behalf of their business to answer any questions they may have had. Delicious food and great bonding describes the connections made.
The CEO event was as fun as it was informative. Everyone that attended gained knowledge about Granite City businesses while having a good time.