The Illinois Primary


Darin Kukarola, Staff Writer

The Illinois Primary is coming up on March 15th. The Illinois Primary is where you vote for your local offices and the federal offices for your state. As of now, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are leading in their parties for the race to Presidency. If you support them, then go vote. If not, this is your chance to help change that. GCHS is offering an opportunity for eligible voters to leave school on Friday, March 4th, for 5th and 6th hours to go and vote. If you are of age and can vote, please go out and do so. Voting is an important event that everyone should take advantage of. When I hear the words, “Well, I’m just one person. My vote won’t my matter” it is upsetting. This is not true, you have a voice and this is your time to use it.

It is a good experience to be able to leave school and take advantage of early voting.”

— Chase Zezoff

GCHS senior and voter Chase Zezoff said, “It is a good experience to be able to leave school and take advantage of early voting. It’s going to be a good time.”

Young votes are extremely important. The young voter turnout is at a low, and this is no good. The youth have the chance to sway an election with our numbers. Roughly only 40% of voters between the ages 18-29 voted in the 2012 election. This is outrageous, just think what the outcome could have been if the other 60% had taken the 10 minutes to go and vote. This is why it is so important. Right now, Bernie Sanders is riding on the support of the young people. For some reason, everyone in the 18-29 category loves him and this is drawing all of them to vote. I believe if it were not for the young voters, Sanders would already be finished.

Take election time seriously. This is a time for us to put the people we like in charge. If you feel strongly towards one candidate, then you need to vote. If you are indifferent, then it is time to study up and pick the one you dislike the least.

Just remember, every vote counts! Please do what is right, and vote in the Illinois Primary on March 15th.