Are You A Member of The Tribe?


Megan Burge, Staff Writer

If you’ve heard about the Granite City Warriors, you have also heard about the great fan section that travels along side each sport. Whether it’s a home or away game “The Tribe” will always be there to support our Warriors. During spring season of 2015, the students came up with the name “The Tribe” and started getting a big fan section out to the football and soccer games. Since then the students have really come together, and have became one big family.

The Tribe stepped it up during winter. In the past years we have always been the “underdogs” but this year’s boys basketball team has stepped up their game. The students supported the boys each and every game by filling the stands. To get more people to come, some students try and pick different themes for each game.

I really love that our community is finally supporting us and recognizing our achievements.”

— Trey Allen

Senior Ben Klee, also know as “The Warrior,” has a big effect on our fan section. Each game he dresses out in a warrior costume and hypes the crowd by starting chants at the games. Ben also believes we have the best fan section in the Southwestern Conference. He shows all out warrior spirit and will be greatly missed next year.

Our local Dairy Queen is also getting involved with the school and is providing a place for students to go after the basketball games.  Dairy Queen is very much appreciated for all the discounts and support they give!

Senior Trey Allen says, “I really love that our community is finally supporting us and recognizing our achievements.”

Throughout the different seasons and sports our fan section has grown and the teams get so much support. Junior Jake Roustio believes the fan section affects the way they play and really pushes them to work harder at practice and do better at games. Being loud and supportive is what we do best no matter what the score may be. The cheerleaders are also a big contributing factor on pumping the boys up for each game. They travel right behind the boys each and every game to support them and keep them going no matter what.

The boys final record ended at 14-15, after losing their second game in regionals to Quincy and beating the Collinsville Kahoks. We will miss our seniors next year and hope for another good basketball season next year!

As the basketball season comes to an end The Tribe will now support our spring sports. Win or lose our teams will always have the fan section by their side to support them each step of the way! GO WARRIORS!