Kicking Off the Season

Coach Prazma

Alex McLaren, Staff Writer

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With the soccer tryouts just finishing up, the brand new Granite City High School Lady Warriors had to fight for their respective spots on either the varsity, junior varsity, or freshman teams. Tryouts started at 3:30 and ran to 5:30, two hours of sprinting, shooting, and ball work. Afterwards, the players had to ice, rest, and eat well, to physically and mentally prepare themselves for the next day. As soccer is a very intense and physically a demanding sport, the players have been preparing themselves in the preseason by getting into the weight room to lift, and going out to run on their own. The tryouts this year were from February 29th to March 4th, and like every year, there were always a few prerequisites before the tryout.

I see a lot of potential in the girls this season. ”

— Coach Grote

The Lady Warriors always have to have an updated physical turned into the nurse. Without this, they won’t be able to workout or even tryout. It’s very important that they also register on the 8to18 site for reasons that should go without saying. Unregistered players can’t play due to the rules of soccer; players who aren’t on the roster aren’t allowed to play.

Soccer isn’t just ballwork, though. Just because a player can be fancy on the ball doesn’t mean that they qualify for any team. Soccer requires both sprint speed and distance speed. Players have to be able to race a player all the way down the pitch, as well as get to the ball a few meters away. Players have to have the body to not be knocked off the ball as well, and that is where the pre-season lifting program comes in. Girls who have been going to these lifting sessions since mid-fall have been lifting with specific weight programs to gain muscle, speed, and agility. For tryouts, the girls also must be able to run a two mile course within 16 minutes, and meet sprinting requirements.

Players can’t just be good runners or have good bodies to be able to play for any team. Players have to be able to pass the ball well, take good touches, make smart decisions, and take good shots. During the tryouts, coaches will analyze these skills to determine if the player is good enough in different situations, whether it be a big game or small drills.

With 50 or more lady Warriors trying out, most girls are ready to run, push, and pass their way out of most situations. Seasons like these are going to be excellent to watch, and these girls are off and kicking.