Not Your Average Team

Alec DeYong, Staff Writer

After a hard fought Regional playoff, the 2015-16 Warrior boys basketball season has finally come to a close. It is with a heavy heart that coach Roustio puts away the sweatsuit, the boys turn in their jerseys, some for good, and the Warrior shelves his headdress for now. We end this year’s run with sadness, but we have one heck of a season to look back on.

This was the first time since the 1999-2000 season that the Warriors have collected 13 wins, and they just narrowly missed becoming the first team to end with a winning season since 1986-87, closing it out with a record of 13-14. After many hard fought victories and some disappointing losses, we can all agree that we had a good time.

The 2015-16 boys basketball season boasted not only an impressive run, but one of the best fan turnouts in years. The Tribe took it to a whole new level and made the games an experience for not only the fans, but the players as well.

I mean, it’s sad. But then again, it’d be even more sad if we didn’t accomplish what we did during the season.”

— Traron Allen

“It was great. Man, the excitement even if we lost, them being there just made us play even harder,” said senior forward Ronn Allen. The rest of the boys all basked in the support of the Tribe, led by the Warrior himself, Ben Klee.

While many of you and the boys themselves are probably looking forward to next year’s basketball season, three of our Warrior ballers look on to bigger things. For seniors Kenny Berry (shooting guard), Traron Allen (center), and Ronn Allen (forward), this was the last time they would don the tribal jerseys and play GCHS basketball. But Traron isn’t all gloom when it comes to the subject, “I mean, it’s sad. But then again, it’d be even more sad if we didn’t accomplish what we did during the season.”

All three of the senior boys and the rest of the varsity team are proud of their season, including Kenny. “We did up to our expectations. We could have won more close games, but I’m happy with how my senior year went.”

Now that their Tuesday and Friday nights won’t consist of being out on the court with the Tribe at their back, the senior boys will probably be catching up on sleep and looking to their potential opportunities for college. Both Kenny and Traron are looking at their options, but are planning on playing basketball in college. Ronn, on the other hand, will be putting on the shoulder pads and helmet rather than a basketball jersey, and playing football in college. No matter where these boys go on to do great things, as we know they will, they will always have this year to look back on, and they’ll always remain Warriors at heart.