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Avarey Cope
Avarey Cope is a junior at GCHS where she takes all accelerated classes. Avarey is best known for being a part of the Dance Team. She has no fear when it comes to being in front of people; in fact, she loves it! Her favorite part about dancing is being in front of a large crowd and hearing the cheers after a performance. You can often find her watching videos of dance tips and tricks while attempting to do them at the same time. She also loves anything and everything that has to do with makeup. She enjoys playing around and trying new looks, doing her friends’ makeup, and watching makeup videos on YouTube. Her favorite people to watch on YouTube include James Charles, Jeffree star, Nikkietutorials, and Emma Chamberlain. She is 100% Instagram obsessed, and always makes sure her theme is perfect. Her Instagram presence aided her in being named an ambassador at Frew’s Bridal Store in Alton, IL. She loves caramel iced coffees and sushi, but not together. She also loves all of her fans, so follow her on Instagram @avvco.

Avarey Cope, Staff Writer

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