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Caitlyn Setzer is a Junior at Granite City High School. She likes to hang out with her best friend, Sara in her free time when she is not working at the Granite City Burger King. She always makes time to be with her family and do her homework. Caitlyn is an animal lover, and if she could be anywhere in the world it would be in Eastern Africa because that’s where Zebras are, (her favorite animal). Caitlyn is more of a quiet person, but she has a really great personality once you get to know her. Her goal for high school is to graduate early and she’s on the right track! She was born and raised in Sullivan, Indiana and when she was younger, she use to be really involved in that school. She started out doing track, then she moved to dance and cheer. She wanted to keep doing that whenever she got to Granite City, but she didn’t want to be considered as a “prep”. Caitlyn then went on to band whenever she was in 6th grade. After she played the flute for about a year, she moved on to a saxophone. She always wanted to learn how to play the beginning of the song “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty, so she could play it for her dad back in Indiana. Caitlyn wants to be remembered as a caring person and is really nice once you get to know her.

Caitlyn Setzer, Staff

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