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Caydee Smay
Caydee Smay is 16 years old, and she attends Granite City High School as a junior. She’s in a couple different clubs. At the end of her sophomore year she got into student council. She’s also a GCHS cheerleader. She has been cheering since 7th grade. During her freshman/sophomore year, she only really did cheer. Then she made student council & now has a job. She's currently employed at a small sushi place, in Granite City, as a waitress. She loves all animals. She has/had 3 dogs, (used to have) 2 rats, 1 cat, and 1 pot-bellied pig(used to have). When she gets older, she would love to be an orthodontist or a pediatrician.

Caydee Smay, Staff

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