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Chasity Schone is a Junior in Granite City High School. She is very big on school spirit. Therefore, she goes all out for almost every rally or special day we have here at the high school. You can always catch her having random conversations in the science hall, because she loves all of the teachers in that wing.  She is a member of photography and science club, and she has been since her freshman year. This is her third year being a teammate for Granite City High Warriors Girls Basketball. Outside of school she helps teach a girls softball team for Granite City Park District. By her sophomore year she got invited to go to Boston, Massachusetts for a science program. She declined the offer, sadly. She has never had lower then a C on a report card and she tries her best to keep that up. She works at the only skating rink in town, Stoppkotte’s SuperSkate, which is her first job. She works hard to achieve her goals and never gives up. After High School she plans on going to University of Miami to become a Forensic Psychologist.

Chasity Schone, Staff

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