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Haley Montgomery
Haley Montgomery is a 16 year-old Junior at GCHS.  Haley is known to be a member of our Marching Warriors Band, participating in the Color Guard section. Haley plays many instruments including flute, piano and trumpet. Aside from music, Haley loves to write. She started out writing songs when she was about seven years old, which lead to her writing poetry. Other than poems, Haley has started writing two novels, but hasn’t finished either of them. Writing is a part of why she’s taking journalism. Haley is also a huge pet lover. Her family owns 8 pets total. 4 cats and 4 dogs. She has many siblings as well 6 brothers and one half sister. All though Haley knows and/or associates with a lot of people, she isn’t really close to anyone except for her boyfriend and his friends. She’s so fond of them, because they always find a way to make her laugh, which is what she really loves to do. She also loves to make the people that she associates with laugh. That’s what she’s really passionate about. 

Haley Montgomery, Staff

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