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This is John Lucas. He is a Junior in GCHS and a person who loves to participate in various activities around school. He loves music and the arts. However, while on the surface, he may seem like a sort of “Average Joe” to most, he really does have some good personality traits that easily let him stick out amongst the masses.

For starters, he mainly does band-related things like band itself, Marching Band (he was the soloist for last year’s show “Imagine!”), and other out of school groups. He can play several instruments. For example: Trombone, Baritone, Tuba, Piano, Melodica, French horn, a very tiny bit of Trumpet, and he can even sing a little, too. He is very exceptional at playing the Trombone and Baritone. In 8th grade, he placed 1st chair at state for Baritone. Last year, he had won the best soloist award at EIU (Although the announcements never really brought that fact up, it was a huge thing) and received a 250$ discount of sorts to attend a band camp for professional music players down at EIU. Unfortunately, he could not attend that this year due to school pushing band camp to start earlier, so he couldn’t leave for it. Nevertheless, he is planning on winning the award again for this year’s show “Somewhere over”… as a soloist.

Now band isn’t the only thing he does, I swear. He recently dipped his toe into the field of theater and instantly loved it. He was apart of the cast of “Once Upon A Mattress,” as a leading role. As much as others may not have liked the show, He loved the show. It was lots of fun to be around people who have similar interest. He is now taking part in this years homecoming play, “See How They Run,” as a leading role again. It feels great to be able to get back into the scene, literally.

Some other miscellaneous things he has done and still do are Tae-kwon-do, Playing video games, eating, sleeping, complaining that he is not doing either when he is not, listening to music, all of these fun things.

Good luck to everyone in their classes this year and let’s hope it turns out to be a lit year!

John Lucas, Staff

Sep 19, 2018
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