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Katie Reagan is a junior at GCHS. Katie`s favorite thing to do on her free time is to draw. One thing that makes her different from many others is that she's left handed. At GCHS  Katie is on the bowling team which is challenging being the only left hander and having to be taught from a right hander. But, besides that she has gotten a whole lot better. She joined a park baseball team over the summer and got a lot better throughout the season even though she was the only girl in the league. In school, Katie takes part in the secondary honors program. Which means most of her schooling is all accelerated. She is a member of  Girl Scouts and she is in troop 899. She loves helping all the younger kids and is proud to have so many kids look up to her. She can't wait to graduate in 2020 and hopes to go to college at SIUC.

Katie Reagan, Staff

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