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Lexi Davis
Lexi Davis is junior at Granite City High School. She is in multiple clubs including Foreign Language Club, Renaissance, and Warrior Flock. She started tumbling when she was able to walk and has been cheering ever since. Her junior year, she was nominated as varsity cheer captain. When Lexi is not at practice, she's working at Prima Dance and Tumbling, where she has been employed since April. She works four days a week and cheers the other three.  Lexi spends most weekends with her best friend, Maddie. Lexi loves to travel and explore new places. Her favorite pastime is working with little kids and helping as much as she can. She babysits some weekends and loves it. She maintains a 4.4 GPA. Teachers think Lexi is a trustworthy and outgoing person. She is super excited to see what junior year has in store for her.

Lexi Davis, Staff

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