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Macy Watson
Macy Watson is a Junior at GCHS,  is involved in lots of clubs and plays soccer for the Lady Warriors. Macy has been in Student Council for the past three years that she has spent here at GCHS. Macy is very honored to have been elected into such an amazing group of people. Macy is also in Renaissance, FCA, Warrior Flock, Varsity Club, Spirit Club, and Foreign Language Club. Macy finds that being involved is very important to her. Macy was selected from Mrs. Swip for a Personal Choice Award. Mrs. Swip stated that this school needs more people like Macy. Macy really enjoys going to school because of the level of fun it is during school hours and even out of school. For example, the football games and being in the student section is very loud and proud. Macy is and will be continuing to have the best last two years at GCHS and live it out to the fullest as best as she can!!!

Macy Watson, Staff

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