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Marshall Robinson
If you ask somebody about Marshall, they'll tell you things like "He's talented at art. He's really good at helping other people with their problems." But no one will ever tell you about the hardships he's faced. He doesn't live a dream where he has two loving parents, a perfect personality, a beautiful past, and future.  If anything, his reality is the complete opposite. Marshall has beaten every obstacle thrown at him in life. Growing up in a dysfunctional household with no one to look up to, being harassed in school because of his skin color, friends, and environment, having a baby at 15. Nothing has stopped him from staying on track and doing the best he possibly can to be successful and prove everyone who has ever doubted him wrong. You want to know about Marshall Robinson? Take 20 minutes to sit down and get to know him, then you tell me.

Marshall Robinson, Staff Writer

Sep 22, 2017
Through the Eyes of a Teenage Parent (Story)
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