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Nicholas Scarborough
Nicholas Scarborough is a junior at GCHS and is probably the most positive kid you’ll ever meet. Everyone knows him in some way or another. Hanging out with the weirdos, jocks, nerds. Every group of kids at that high school, he fits into, one way, or another. He’s super nice, chill, a “go with the flow” kind of boy. Spend 10 minutes with this kid, and he’s guaranteed to either make your day much better or just annoy you for 10 minutes. Nick loves music, of all types and genres, it doesn’t matter. He’s been to a million concerts and met some of his biggest idols. He’s in love with photography, as well. He thinks he’s cool, going around school with his camera, and having people model for him like some kind of professional. All in all, Nick is really one in a million, he just wants to see everyone all happy and smiles, like he is and does anything to make that happen. If you ever see a tall, lanky, excessively loud, with beautiful blond-haired boy roaming the halls, you should totally give him a hug because he loves hugs more than anything

Nicholas Scarborough, Staff

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