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Rhett Relleke
Rhett Relleke is a student at Granite City High School. He’s in the 11th grade in the secondary honors program. He also plays on the soccer team, as well as the robotics team.

His hobbies include playing club soccer as well as high school soccer, video games, and playing guitar/listening to music. Rhett likes to play with his band whenever they can all practice. He enjoys watching baseball and following the Cardinals every season. He’s interested in computers and technology if music doesn’t work out. With that being said he’s currently either an aspiring musician or programmer after he gets his bachelor’s degree in computer science.

If you’re interested in finding Rhett he’ll either be at soccer practice after school or in his basement playing guitar.

If you want to hit him up here's all the info

SC: @rrelleke  Twitter: @rhettrelleke  IG: rhett_relleke

Rhett Relleke, Designer

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