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 Kaitlyn Fleenor is a junior at Granite City High School, graduating class of 2021. Throughout high school so far, she has been a member of the Secondary Honors program, managing all AP/Honors classes, is an Alpha peer leader and peer tutor, and a member of science club. Kaitlyn is extremely hardworking and dedicated to her schoolwork. She is best known for being the quiet girl in class who isn’t very social until you start a conversation with her as she makes the sudden change into being outgoing. One of Kaitlyn’s favorite classes is chemistry. She took year one of chemistry her sophomore year and is taking year two as the only junior in her class, and she loves the subject just as much. As much as Kaitlyn is a perfect mix of introvert and extrovert, she is very much a homebody. She would rather stay at home and spend her time watching Netflix and eating opposed to hanging out with her friends and going places. She is also an animal lover, anywhere from dogs to scary snakes, she would love to have them all. She has a pitbull mixed dog named Bella whom she loves to death. Since the beginning of second grade, she has wanted to be a teacher, and that is still a goal for her nine years later.

Kaitlyn Fleenor, Editor

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Kaitlyn Fleenor